So, who’s coming to Bali this year? It’s Tore!

Buckle up and get ready to be inspired because we are taking you to the Mediterranean Sea today, to meet an SEO expert who has worked with e-commerce and Internet marketing since 2005!

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Say “Hi!” to Tore Friskopp! Originally from Sweden, he has been residing in Malta for several years now, where he is the Founder of Cloudrock and CEO of Topcontent an agency that offers a wide range of content, writing services and translations.

The company is now one of Europe’s largest content agencies. Tore manages a remote team of 30, as well as roughly 500 freelancers—isn’t that a feat?!

He is a passionate entrepreneur with a keen interest in web-based software development and technical leadership roles. He loves teaching and he won’t hesitate to share his expertise with others. In our books, that makes him a true leader!

When he’s not working, Tore likes to ride his motorcycle. He also loves dancing especially bachata, a style of dance originated in the Dominican Republic. We can’t wait for him to teach us a step or two!

Welcome to the PG family, Tore, we look forward to hanging out with you!


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