5 kick-ass start ups created in Bali at Project Getaway

For the past ten years, Project Getaway has been a meeting space for entrepreneurs from all over the world. From Canada to China and beyond, 161 participants have come together to not only share their experiences with one another but also to build new and exciting ventures. We are extremely proud that Project Getaway, which started out as an experimental retreat project has, over the years, turned into something truly inspiring.

Whether it was by the pool or on top of Mount Batur, countless ideas have been ‘incubated’ at PG with over 25 coming to fruition. We are honoured to share with you some these stories:

1. AIRHELP (Founded by Henrik Zillmer and Nicolas Michaelsen; Attended PG in 2013)


Henrik and his partner Nicolas found that air passengers more often than not don’t know their rights and thus end up losing tons of money each year. Airhelp was founded to fight this problem. Airhelp educates passengers of their rights and helps passengers secure compensation for their delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flights. Their ultimate goal is to make getting compensation as easy as possible. They do this by looking at data and using cutting-edge technology (such as investing in AI) to keep them ahead in the game.

Airhelp has received rave reviews since its conception. They have an overall rating of 9.2/10 which is taken from over 21000 reviews and it has been featured in major publications such as the Wall Street Journal. They also now have 700 employees working for them in less than 6 years!

2. MAILBIRD (Founded by Andrea Loubier; Attended Project Getaway in 2012)


Mailbird is a Windows application that allows you to collate all your applications into one place, making it easier for users to switch between tasks. Not only does it sync all your emails and contacts into one place, but there are options such as being able to customise your layout or even change the language you’re working in! There are now over 1 million people using this application, including people who work in firms such as Microsoft, who have given the company an overall review of 4.6/5! The company’s success has allowed it to be covered by leading media outlets such as the BBC and CNBC.  

3. MagLoft (Founded by Nick Martin and Tobias Strebitzer)


When one of the founders discovered what a tedious and expensive process it is to try and create your own online magazine – that’s when the idea of MagLoft was born. MagLoft is an application that allows you to create your own online digital magazine. The idea that was born six years ago at Livit Spaces has now flourished into a thriving business used by thousands worldwide. It is extremely simple to publish using MagLoft due to the fact that they have eliminated technical requirements needed to create publishing apps. It is also easy to keep track of how your piece is performing due to the analytics feature that exists. The response to MagLoft since it’s launch has been exceptional and is even used by companies such as Yahoo!

4. VILONDO (Founded by Mads and Stefan; Attended Project Getaway in 2010)


Founded at the original Project Getaway, Vilondo is a marketplace that allows you to choose your perfect luxury villa in your chosen location. Along with helping you find the perfect place to stay, Vilondo also connects you to travel guides that help you choose activities that you feel are right for you! Through Vilondo, you can be rest assured that you’re getting the best price possible as you’re allowed to compare and contrast prices of the villas of your choice! Vilondo has grown over the years and now has a team comprised over individuals from several countries such as Indonesia, Australia, and India. Although the company has now been sold, Project Getaway is still immensely proud of its success.

5FLOWIE (Founded by Flavia Feliz; Attended Project Getaway in 2016)


The ultimate Brazilian getaway is here! Flowie is a Brazilian immersion program that is run exclusively for USC students who are currently studying Masters of Social Entrepreneurship (MSSE). Flowie was founded to not only educate the world about the wonders of Brazil but also to foster everyone’s consciousness about increasing global interdependence. To give everyone the full Brazilian experience, the program takes place in three cities: Fortaleza, Sao Paulo, and Curitiba. The program’s cost includes everything that is needed to ensure that the best possible experience is provided such as English-speaking guides accompanying them throughout the trip.


Project Getaway by Livit is a curated experience for entrepreneurs and teams who know great success, big adventures and community can go hand-in-hand.

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