Welcome to the PG 2015 family, Gustav!

Today’s introduction takes us to Bangkok, where Gustav Terkelsen, a charismatic entrepreneur originally from Denmark, currently resides and develops his businesses.

Gus Terkelsen8The projects he is currently focusing on are the Secret Diamond Club, a platform for dating and networking which he started five years ago; and Your Video Market, a video market platform. He also works as an ERP consultant on a product called Microsoft Dynamics NAV for several UK based, mid-sized businesses.

Gus participated in Project Getaway 2014 and liked it so much that he applied again and convinced us he’s a perfect match for this year’s group too!

In his spare time, he plays the drums, makes music on his computer, windsurfs and enjoys deep philosophical talks about meditation, life strategies, politics, science, and anything else intellectual – especially when people have different opinions than his.

Gustav is a creative idea-generator, a problem solver and a very empathetic individual. He is highly involved in assisting whiplash patients; he created and currently manages an online community around this topic, and writes articles on how to deal with the symptoms.

Making people feel welcome and included is a priority for him – we’d honestly like him to be the Chief Bonding Officer 🙂

All in all, we just can’t wait to have him be part of PG once again!


Do you want to join Gustav, Michaela, Nico and other awesome entrepreneurs like them and live a month you will never forget? The second round of applications is now open!



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