Welcome to the PG family, Danilo!

Today is a good day for science – and for getting to know a business analysis and PR star!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Danilo Campisi of Italy!

unnamedDanilo is in charge of the worldwide digital communication and of the Italian market for AirHelp, an awesome, super successful startup founded during Project Getaway a few years back (yeah, that’s right!). They have a simple mission: help passengers rightfully get compensation for their delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flights. They were ranked among the best five startups by Y Combinator in 2014 and won the Collision Conference in Las Vegas.

As one of the Airhelp’s first employees, Danilo has gone through the Y Combinator program and has then taken the company in Italy from 0 clients to one of the top countries on the map.

He is a master of online marketing tools: SEO, SEM & SMM – you name it, he’s good at it! Extremely passionate about problem solving, his current and previous collaborators can’t recommend him highly enough. He is a regular on Italian TVs and radio, as well as European media in general.

Holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration, he previously worked as a business analyst for the Italian government in Rome and the Council of the European Union in Brussels.

He also did consulting work with companies from Lugano, New York and Turin and was involved in various startups in Berlin and the African market. In 2013, he founded Reboot Founders, an innovative platform that helps passionate entrepreneurs transition from an idea to a successful startup in the most efficient manner.

In addition to all that, Danilo was an advisor and analyst for Medal Shield (an Italian registered start-up who has developed Capto Glove, a patent product that promises to revolutionize the video games sector), 10EQS (a global management consulting firm), as well as a mentor at Wcap, the startup incubator ran by Telecom Italia.

At PG, Danilo will eye the Chief Adventure Officer role and will be available to advise those interested in startup marketing.
He likes to travel, surf, go rafting, explore jungles and simply enjoy life, all of which we will have plenty of in October.
We can’t wait to live an awesome month with him, Trey, Stephen and all the other amazingly talented people!
A presto!


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