Welcome to the PG family, Felix!

Want to be a better dancer? Give back more to society? Find out what’s the latest trend in sustainable architecture? Meet and be inspired by Felix Dijkmans from the Netherlands!


_facebook_-1831746918Felix is an architectural engineer by training and spent over a decade working as a project leader for a real estate management and development corporation. As work became less and less fulfilling, he decided to leave and, as of last month, he is pursuing his entrepreneurial dream (*enthusiastic claps*).

He taught himself programming and web design and is currently building a Wikipedia-like portal focused on sustainable architecture, where both individuals and owner associations will have the opportunity to access free, high-quality resources. The website is programmed to function in 28 languages and users will be able to contribute content and collaboratively develop the database available.

Felix’s life story has had a lot of twists and turns: he was adopted from Indonesia by Dutch parents, who sadly passed away a few years ago. This triggered a desire to come back to his native country, which he is planning to do next.

A passionate volunteer, he has completed 7 Roparun events, a sponsored team run from Paris to Rotterdam with the goal of raising money for cancer patients. He also donated his time to UNICEF as a media advisor, as well as Big Brother Big Sister and Heppie working with abused children. One of his goals is to grow his business to a point where he can produce enough passive income to have time to dedicate himself more to the causes he believes in.

Salsa, bachata, zouk and samba de gafeira are all among his passions – which makes us think we really should have a Chief Dance Officer 😀

He’s also keen on tennis, mountainbiking, krav maga, pencak silat and kempo (don’t worry, reader, we had to Google half of those too!).

We can’t wait to make our first samba steps in October with Felix, Han, Sandra, Danilo, Trey and all the other simply amazing participants!


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