Welcome to the PG family, Gu!

The participant we’re introducing today is a kick-ass graphic and product designer with 11 years of business experience and a story that had us in awe.

Here we go:Gu jian

Gu Jian is a founding team member and the sole-designer for Instabridge, a super cool, viral app that aims to provide free-wifi to everyone based on a simple crowd-sourced solution. She oversaw its product design as it grew to win several awards as well as seed funding from Spotify’s investor. Instabridge went on to reach 40,000 downloads per day and get featured on TechCrunch, Wired, The Economist and the likes. She confesses that this journey “both humbled and energized her”.

Since 2007, she’s also been leading her own company called “Gu & Co. AB”, which has serviced a great many clients, among which Yahoo!. We were impressed with her courage and determination to build from scratch a thriving business as a young, foreign person in Scandinavia, with no contacts to begin with.

Gu holds Masters degrees in both design and IT. She speaks English, Chinese and Swedish and is an experienced and accomplished liaison between the West and China.

To feel happy, Gu needs two things: to create beauty and grow a company. She loves experiencing with food and is fond of meaningful conversations.

She will bid to become the Chief Food Officer or Chief Design Officer of PG 2015 and we’re already dying to see what will come out of that!

We’re proud to have you join us, Gu Jian!


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