Welcome to the PG family, James!

Today’s PG introduction features James Cunningham, an adventurous Brit who has been mastering the internet for as long as it has been a thing.

JamesAn entrepreneur by vocation, James recalls his earliest business memory: aged 8, he would sell other kids bubblegum and stickers, which he had brought back from a holiday in Canada.

After graduating university, he spent a couple of years teaching maths in Jamaica and Kuwait. He then fully transitioned to the entrepreneurial world with the main goal of creating the kind of life he enjoys, one where he has the freedom to spend as much time as he would like traveling and practicing his hobbies.

Since 1997, James has been involved in various online ventures  including setting up web designs, hosting and providing SEO (before it was actually called that) and projects like scoff.co.uk and darkerthanblue.com.

In 2002, he founded (and has been running ever since) Streaming Wizard, a company that provides video hosting services, ranging from live webcasts for major pop stars and fashion shows to blue-chip company AGM’s. He is currently experimenting with physical sales using drop shipping companies, Amazon fulfillment services and Ebay shops.

James is an adrenalin-junkie and recently set up www.adrenalinplayground.com as “a bit of fun”. He spends 10 weeks each year traveling and working abroad, picking his destination mainly based on their kite-surfing or snowboarding facilities.

He is exactly the kind of entrepreneur PG was created for – we can’t wait to hike a volcano together and hear more of his stories!


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