Welcome to the PG family, Joost!


joostThe first awesome PG participant we’d like to introduce today comes from Netherlands and introduces himself as a coder / entrepreneur / geek.

Joost Faassen runs and owns no less than 4 software companies, ranging from business automation to electronic health records and “geeky services”. His team is based all over the world, including the Netherlands, China, Malaysia and India.

Joost’s main business, which he founded in 2003, is LinkORB, a company that offers branch specific web-based solutions. His employees are talented techies that love to take on a challenge and work on innovative, open source and high quality code.

He’s also currently working on a distributed social network, the project he will probably focus on during PG.

We found out a couple things that basically qualify him in the super-hero league – we’ll just mention that he’s working on a project that saves babies lives and helps pregnant women have a smooth pregnancy. We’ll let you find out more when you see him!

Joost loves traveling, can play the guitar and cooks killer omelets, which could always come in handy during one of our adventures 🙂 He’s also passionate about privacy and ownership of data – so your secrets will be all safe with him!

Mr. Faassen will bid to become Chief Implementing Officer and help other participants solve their technical and business issues. To his endorsement, his clients claim that he has an answer to all of your questions and fixes things before they even become a problem. We’ll take their word!

Do you want to join Joost and 18 other super-exciting people like him and live a month you will never forget? The second round of applications is now open!


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