Welcome to the PG family, Marsha!

How about a quick stop in Athens, Greece today to meet an inspiring entrepreneur currently trying out the digital nomad lifestyle?

Marsha Battee - Headshot 4Marsha Battee’s story is sheer awesomeness and impossible to put in just a few paragraphs, but we’ll try our best!

Her background is in emergency room & trauma nursing and she most recently worked as a Forensic Nurse Examiner, dealing with patients who have suffered sexual assault and domestic violence.

Not long ago, Marsha has decided to transform her own life as well as many others by becoming a Lifestyle Design Strategist and is currently in the process of becoming a full time entrepreneur. She founded The Bossy Nurse, a fast growing community geared towards nurses who aim to become (or already are) entrepreneurs. She teaches them how to escape burnout and start (or revive) their own businesses.

In April 2015, she held her own conference for nurses in Atlanta, where she focused on self-care and business planning.

Marsha is also a health writer, a speaker and a featured blogger involved in prominent events and publications within the niche, such as NurseGail.com and The Nurse Blog Carnival.

On top of all that, she has recently started a boutique travel agency for nurses, called “RN Getaways”, as well as an exciting podcast that features stories on becoming an entrepreneur and topics related to lifestyle design.

She has traveled to 13 countries over a 3-year span and loves to experience new cultures and meet new people. She thinks she might be in either Europe or Asia by the time PG starts 🙂

We also heard that she was, at some point, heavily (but unsuccessfully) recruited by a few officers in the LAPD – they must’ve been on to something!

Marsha will no doubt have a stellar contribution to PG thanks to her passion, unusual story and insightful perspective on B2C.

We can’t wait to be “bossed” around by this wonderful lady! 🙂


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