Welcome to the PG family, Michaela!

The next candidate that charmed us is Michaela Richter, a German lifestyle entrepreneur whose last temporary homes were Cape Town, Berlin, Barcelona and a small village in Austria. Yes, you’ve guessed it right: together with her husband Nico, she travels the world as a full time digital nomad, having turned their hobby into a profitable business.

Michaela_FunnyShe entered the startup world by helping build one of the hottest new businesses in Germany: windeln.de, which has recently gone public (IPO). She was the company’s first employee and contributed massively by putting in place the product & CRM department, which she then led for 4 years.

Last autumn, Michaela decided to fully focus on Paleo360.de, a lifestyle blog founded with her husband. They quickly achieved several impressive feats: their website is now ranked no. 1 in its niche in Germany, attracting a whopping 300k visits per month, as well as 43k Facebook fans, and their cookbooks have already sold 70k printed copies.

Michaela is highly specialized in and super passionate about conversion optimization and CRM. She is a respected conference speaker on the aforementioned topics: in the last couple of years, her presentations topped the audience ratings at the Conversion Conference Düsseldorf and the SMX in Munich.

Michaela is a huge movie fan and an opinion leader on the matter among her friends. She will, naturally, bid to become Chief Movie Officer. She also handcrafts super cute stuffed animals as gifts for kids – we’ve seen them on the webcam and we definitely, definitely want one!

Michaela values in depth-conversation rather than small talk and always offers honest feedback – rare and valuable qualities these days if you ask us. We can’t wait to hang out with her!


Do you want to join Michaela, James, Marsha and other awesome entrepreneurs like them and live a month you will never forget? The second round of applications for PG2015 is now open!

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