Welcome to the PG family, Nico!

For today’s PG 2015 introduction, we are featuring Nico Richter, a passionate lifestyle entrepreneur & full-time digital nomad originally from Germany.

Nico Richter 2013After graduating with business & engineering degrees, Nico spent 3 years building online companies for several different startup incubators, which offered him solid insight into fields like eCommerce and online marketing, as well as a huge network.

A few years ago, he became passionate about the Paleo diet and quickly turned it into a lifestyle as well as a highly successful business.

Having seen huge improvements in their own health and performance, Nico and his wife started the blog www.paleo360.de . Their website is now ranked no. 1 in its niche in Germany, attracting a whopping 300k visits per month, as well as 43k Facebook fans. A cookbook was the next logical step, so he wrote one, followed by a second and they have so far sold over 70.000 printed copies of them.

One could safely say that Nico is living the dream: working on a successful project he is truly passionate about while traveling and experiencing the world with his wife, Michaela.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Nico loves cooking using natural and unprocessed ingredients. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen, out of pure passion as well as desire to provide his readers with inspiration and new recipes.

He can’t wait to be part of the PG community and enjoy good conversations over a glass of wine or during a hike. Nico will also be sharing from his expertise on topics such as project management & productivity, how to engage your community or how to get paid subscribers.

He will bid to become the PG2015 Chief Sports Officer.

We can’t wait to try out Nico’s recipes and steal one or two of his business secrets!


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