Welcome to the PG family, Paul!

Today’s intro takes us to West Chester, USA, to meet a spontaneous and extremely driven serial entrepreneur, Paul Xavier Ryan.

PaulA visionary and a lover of adventure, Paul currently owns or co-owns 3 businesses. The main one is Marketslide, an Adwords, SEO and Facebook advertising service for web professionals. He also runs Digital Engine, a startup that helps build innovative new technologies for the automotive industry, and Funnel Results – his personal online marketing consultancy that strategizes for businesses worth $5-20 million. He has some extra fun doing one speaking event per month and teaching a course for entrepreneurs on the side.

He has achieved all that within the short span of two years (since he branched off the 9-to-5 world) and would like to try out the digital nomad lifestyle.

Paul is keen on dancing, surfing and skydiving – so he’ll fit in just great in Bali 🙂

During PG, he would love to share from his experience with online marketing trends and leveraging online as well as teach others how to sell better.

Oh, did we mention he’s 23? 😎

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Do you want to join Paul, Tarah, Piotr and other awesome entrepreneurs like them and live a month you will never forget? The second round of applications is now open!



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