Welcome to the PG family, Pierre!

For today’s PG introduction, we’re featuring an adventurous, serial web entrepreneur from France.Pierre

Pierre Bazoge takes a lot of pride in having never been employed. He says it wouldn’t make any sense, there’s so much out there to be created and improved – and looking at his track record, we believe him!

A full-stack web developer by trade, he started a social network when he was 20, lived off it for a while and then sold it to launch affilae.com, a SaaS affiliate marketing platform.

He is currently launching the beta version of timebreak.com, a photo sharing app that works through Dropbox, offering its users the privacy that regular social media doesn’t. He’s also working on a social network for gamers and a multi-channel notification platform.

Pierre practices several different sports and has a knack for the extreme ones, as they suit the skills and discipline he acquired while training in the army to become a paratrooper. He will bid to become the Chief Adrenalin Officer – ladies and gents, you’d better buckle up!

He’s also a keen drummer and always carries around his stereo speakers, so everybody enjoying his company can have the chance to properly listen to good music as well. Pierre has a life philosophy that really fits with PG: “no frontier between work and holidays”.

We’re really looking forward to sharing this wonderful adventure with you, Pierre!


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