Welcome to the PG family, Sandra!

Hi awesome people,

Today we’d like to introduce you a creative entrepreneur who impressed us with her passion, enthusiasm and charisma: none other than Sandra Vickery from New Zealand!

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 14.14.14A user experience designer by training, she currently lives in London working on a number of (read: many) interesting projects. She specializes in customer experience and optimization, understanding user journeys and using data to inform decision-making.

Sandra runs her own consultancy, Nomvula Design, helping clients create and implement tailored business strategies. As part of her services, she leads workshops on branding for startups, which we’ve heard are warmly recommended by those who have attended!

In addition to that, she founded and runs Fwangle, a London social club that gives its 1000+ members a place to gather, meet new friends and make new connections through a range of activities held in a fun and friendly environment. Sandra’s love for social clubs doesn’t stop here: over the last years she built a CRM platform that she has recently re-invented for a new market: The Student Social Club, which empowers universities to connect, manage and engage with students.

She is also assisting a start-up called Minotz, a web and iPad app designed to assist (whilst disrupting!) the medical transcription market in both the UK, US and Asia.

We have NO idea how she manages to fit all that within regular, 24h days!

In the long term, Sandra aims to create a product that adds value to the world and helps change people. She says though it might sound cheesy, she doesn’t care one bit – we absolutely loved that about her!

She is keen on being outdoors, taking on new challenges and she’s the one always making sure everyone is being included in the group.

At PG, she can hold a talk on user experience and she’ll bring her bag of tricks on how to go from an idea to a product and finding the right people to help you do so – who doesn’t need that?!

We’re very much looking forward to all the interesting chats and fun adventures we will no doubt have with her, Danilo, Trey, Stephen and all the other simply amazing participants!




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