Welcome to the PG family, Tarah!

For our next introduction, we’re flying all the way over to Honolulu, Hawaii, to meet an entrepreneur exuding positive energy, goodwill and wisdom!

tarahluaucloseTarah Long is a healer and acupuncturist who has been practicing for a decade now and has opened her very own practice 2 years ago. Her physical business quickly became immensely successful and she is currently building towards the same achievements in her online endeavors.

Tarah has degrees in Kinesiology and Oriental Medicine, has written several e-books and is currently working on her first to-be-published book. In order to support the current development of her business, she has also been studying online marketing for the last year and a half.

We were fascinated by Tarah’s determination to “fully live the life she is meant to, so she can help others do the same”. The world needs more of that!

Her clients use a free flow of flattering compliments to describe her, ranging from “intuitive” and “amazing” to “genuine”, “caring” and “the best of the best”.

She will bid to become Chief Relaxation Officer and having gotten to know her a tad, we’re already so zen we’re going to stop writing and start daydreaming about October.

Aloha, PG family, get ready to be healed!


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