Welcome to the PG family, Trey!

pic 4Would you like to be inspired? Have a good laugh? Be pushed a little closer to making your dreams come true?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because today we’d like to introduce to you the one and only Trey Anthony of Canada!

Just in case you haven’t heard of her yet, she is an award winning comedian, writer, producer, actor, an inspirational speaker and an activist… and we’re out of breath!

Over a decade ago, she grew tired of the roles she was being proposed as an actor and, essentially, of the way media was depicting black women. Longing to see her life authentically portrayed on stage, she decided to stop waiting for calls and take action herself.

Her first theatrical play, da Kink in My Hair, debuted in 2001 at the Toronto Fringe Festival and went on to be named one of the top 10 Canadian plays, was seen by hundreds of thousands of people in Canada, California, London, England and New York, broke box office records and was eventually turned into a TV show.

Trey is a regular on the Canadian entertainment and speaking circuit and pioneered as the very first black woman to write and produce a prime time television show on a major Canadian network.

One of Trey’s life goals is to “never ever make anyone feel less happy or damaged after meeting” her and she is currently working on a community of online support for lifestyle changes, weight loss and wellness.

During Project Getaway, she would love to contribute by creating a space for everybody to talk about their dreams and learn to overcome their fears. She will also pass on public speaking tricks to those interested – and she would make an exceptional Chief Laughter Officer!

If you’re impatient to meet her and find out more about her story (we understand, we are too!), you can watch her TEDx Toronto talk here.

October can’t come soon enough!


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