Welcome to the PG family, Wojtek!

The PG 2015 participant we’d like you to meet today is a successful IT entrepreneur from Wroclaw, Poland.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.12.47 PMWojtek Szwajkiewicz has worked in tech for over a decade now. Five years ago, he started a mobile development company called Droids On Roids and has been its CEO ever since. Fast forward to today, he employs 35 people and works with some of the most reputable international brands, like Disney, Orange or Nestle, as well as a number of super interesting startups.

He is particularly proud of the talented people his company managed to attract and retain as well as the culture he created within his team.

Wojtek is keen on new technologies and, together with his team, he is currently working on an Android remote controller for drones; a cloud based solution for managing interactive systems for cars; as well as EO1 (Electric Objects 1), a high-definition screen and integrated computer that brings art from the Internet into your home – a project that raised 3100% the funding it pledged for on Kickstarter!

He loves working out, swimming and doing anything extreme, really. Wojtek is the kind of guy who, woken in the middle of the night and asked to do something crazy, would take on the challenge without a blink.

Wojtek would love to share with the other PG participants his extensive knowledge in sales and business development. His PG talk will focus on different sales methodologies companies can use in different business contexts.

He is currently looking for a new experience and a breath of fresh air and PG will provide him with just that 🙂

We can’t wait to treat Wojtek to some white water rafting as soon as he arrives!


Do you want to join Wojtek, Gus, Michaela and other awesome entrepreneurs like them and live a month you will never forget? The second round of applications is now open!



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