What does a typical day look like at PG?

project-getaway-2010-office-5-630x466If you had a magic wand and could design your perfect day at work, what would it look like? A comfortable office with a great view? Perhaps working from a beautifully set garden? Or by the pool? A beach office? Insightful colleagues? No chores? Fun breaks? Overall, an environment that musters inspiration and productivity? Working hard and then plunging into total relaxation?

Well, Project Getaway is set to offer all that and much more.

That being said, we do get a lot of questions that ask for specific details related to what a typical day looks like at PG.

A straight, simple answer is difficult to put together as PG is such an organic event, with many days including talks held by participants themselves, workshops, meeting investors or networking with other entrepreneurs, collaboration or coaching sessions, adventure activities (like an early morning volcano trek or a snorkeling trip), legendary parties that continue well into the night, etc.

Nevertheless,Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 15.24.52 let’s pretend we’re on a mundane Wednesday when none of that is happening at all and see what would it look like:

  • 8 am – 10 am: Wake up and breakfast time. It’s pretty quiet. Some people go for a morning run and some meditate.
  • 10 am: We make plans and even set goals for the day. Some work and some arrange a trip to the beach or the city.
  • Noon: Everybody gathers for lunch. We talk about business ideas, progress and bottlenecks. People go back to work.
  • Afternoon: We come back from the city/beach/the quiet sproject-getaway-2010-first-days-6-630x466pot we’ve been working in the whole day and brainstorm, swim in the pool, get a massage or the chief sports officer gathers everyone around for some exercise
  • Some go to their rooms, some hang out or work from the common areas.
  • 6.30 pm: Dinner time. We socialize, hang out, talk, network, watch movies, go for walks, throw an impromptu gathering or party 🙂

project-getaway-2011-first-day-11-630x405Andrea, a former participant, gives you a good example of how you can customize your day during PG in this video (min. 2:25, but really, watch the whole thing if you haven’t 😉 )

Now that we’ve settled that, the only question left is: can you handle the perfect day, every day, for three whole weeks, or a month?



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