What is the ROI for attending a co-workation*?

Be it Project Getaway, Hacker Paradise, Unsettled, Coworkation or one of the many other great initiatives popping up, entrepreneurial getaways/retreats/coworking holidays/coworkations are becoming exponentially more popular by the year.


But why exactly should you invest resources in attending a co-workation?

We’ve asked all entrepreneurs who have done it and participated in our Project Getaways. According to them, you have a plethora of good reasons:

  • to meet other entrepreneurs, who have similar lifestyles and challenges but different businesses, skills sets and experiences – which will all be laid out in front of you to learn and take advantage from
  • to temporarily get away from social, practical and business commitments which are necessary but take big chunks of your time and energy (not having to commute, do laundry, dishes, grocery, cook, pay bills, etc. saves up to 30h per week!! – see the proof here)
  • to get inspired (read: get new ideas that will refresh and add to your business approach and bring you more satisfaction and $$$).
  • to live the thrill of going on amazing adventures with like-minded people
  • to recharge; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.
  • to develop a sense of community and belonging in an otherwise highly individual and misunderstood career path – possibly the loneliest out there.


Now, what makes PG special?


  • we spend a lot of time on hand-picking each entrepreneur; the participants have the same mindset but come from different cultural backgrounds, industries and have different experiences – so they can all be both comfortable and challenged, both share and learn a lot
  • people can then easily come together and work on great ideas, such as founding AirHelp or Mailbird (true stories!)

Chief Officers

  • to make use of each person’s best skills and interests, at the beginning of each Project Getaway experience, we elect Chief Officers – each person is in charge of one bit of the event.
  • be it Chief Fitness Officer, Chief Party or Chief MVP, each person organizes something they are extremely passionate about – and has the opportunity to attend an array of activities organized by equally passionate people
  • we take these roles very seriously – and even rate and reward the best officers!


  • all-inclusive packages for the same price that other co-workations will charge you just for accommodation and co-working space (on top of that, PG offers all meals, adventure activities, massages, parties, etc, etc)
  • a month of being pampered silly at a lower price than living and working for a month from London or New York (see a detailed comparison here).

The result? E0C0670 12079677_1095886570422656_7329818100835791871_n Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.58.39 (2)

We have many reasons to believe that taking a few weeks or a month partially off each year to relax, work undisturbed and be inspired will become the new norm for entrepreneurs.

  • You acquire a brand new, like-minded family.
  • You create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • You push your business forward.
  • You might as well start your next, big, hairy, exciting collaboration, project –  or full-on business.

We’d say “Start packing!” is just the right thought to be having right now.


BTW, the signups for the next Project Getaway 2019 experience are open here

Have a fantastic day!

*combining co-working with a vacation


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