What’s up with PG? Mid summer update.

Hello awesome people,

It’s time for a PG update, isn’t it? We’ve published interviews, agendas, details about this year’s event, candidates intros and a lot of other cool stuff lately, but we know there are at least a few people out there who would like a quick summary.

  • At the end of April, we kicked off the early bird (discounted price) campaign for Project Getaway Bali 2015 which sent our way a big wave of really high level applicants.
  • In late May, we started screening the first round of applications, shortlisted for interviews and, the whole month of June, we Skyped with so many interesting people our minds were blown!
  • The first batch of applications we considered was of 50 candidates coming from a whooping 19 countries.
  • After careful consideration and a couple victory dances, we confirmed spots for 13 entrepreneurs coming from China, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, UK and USA.
  • We then introduced each of them through a special blog post – if you missed them and you’re curious, you can all read of them here. All the participants selected so far have loads of impressive achievements and are, simply put, super successful, with backgrounds that vary from product design to nursing, from software pro to PR ninja and everything else in between. We are incredibly honored to be able to put together such an outstanding group!

On top of that:

  • We’ve worked (and currently still are) on adding some cool partners to the event, like Ike Stranathan and his very own Staff Virtual or Tech in Asia.
  • We were featured on the Huffington Post and Medium.
  • We’ve furthered our plans to hold a spring event in 2016 – you’ll hear more about that soon!

What’s next then?

Well, the second batch of applications is already piling up and the final deadline is the 25th of July , which keeps us pretty busy at the moment!

So, if you or someone you know wants to apply , make sure you do it TODAY, because we’re looking forward to co-live, co-work and co-party with you in style, for a whole month, in stunning Bali! #dontmissit

Have a great week!




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