What’s up with Project Getaway?

Hi there & welcome to the brand new Project Getaway blog!

If you landed here by accident and you don’t know what Project Getaway is, you can take a look at this presentation.

We’re officially kicking off this blog because we would love to stay in closer touch with you, former, current and future Project Getaway participants and friends. We already have a great website, an engaging Facebook page, a Twitter account – so now the last missing piece is being added to the puzzle! Hooray!

So, what have we been up to lately?

  • We hired and on-boarded our first full time employee, Lavinia, who took the lead on operations and business development
  • We visited and booked the venue for Project Getaway 2015: Villa Bali Bali, an iconic and luxurious garden estate on the South-West coast of the island that we already had great experiences with – stunning, right?






  • We have managed, once again, to keep our packages for the whole Project Getaway month under the average monthly living and co-working costs in cities like New York City ($5,707 per month), San Francisco ($5,424), London ($4,344) or Stockholm ($3,384) which offers great value given the luxury facilities and variety of perks we offer – check out the packages on the website.
  • We became active on a regular basis on social media, sharing interesting things we find lying around 🙂 and better engaging our community.
  • We created some cool sponsorship packages & proposals and started to share them around (give us a shout if you’re interested in becoming a partner and we’ll reach out to you!).
  • We worked on some PR & business development ideas with some of our alumni (again, let us know if you’d like to be part of these chats and brainstorms).
  • We started discussing and preparing very seriously to take the event to other places (we have potential partners in North America, southeastern Europe, East Africa – which one sounds particularly tempting to you?)

The past month has been incredibly exciting for us – it’s great to finally be able to work and truly develop the great potential Project Getaway has!

We’d love to hear from you – anything from how you’ve been, suggestions, feedback, ideas on how to improve or potentially expand to other places or how to involve our followers more. We’d happily offer a cocktail by the pool here at Livit Spaces in exchange for any of that 🙂

We’re generating ideas, being excited and energetic and we expect a lot from the following months, so stay tuned!

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