Workshop: How To Build a Growth Machine with Justyna Piotrowska

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAibAAAAJGU0ZDI0OGI4LTNlYzYtNDA4My1iYTZiLTYyMWUwZjQzYmFjMgJustyna Piotrowska is Growth Hacker in Residence at 500 Startups. She has 10 years experience in product launches, building sales funnels, conversion rate optimisation, e-mail and content marketing. For 6 years, she was one of Mindvalley’s entrepreneurial marketing experts responsible for launching 3 successful businesses in less than a year with more than $3M in revenue. In her last few years there, she was responsible for more than 70% of the revenue that came from business automation. Currently Co-Founder and CMO of Rascals Depot – a growth consultancy working with startups.

With the “How to Build a Growth Machine”, our PG participants will learn:

How to use growth processes before tactics;
How to make decisions based on company performance and not on personal preferences;
How to create promo campaign using emotional triggers
How to optimize your AARRR model;
What level of market sophistication is your business operating at;
How to create a winning value proposition for your business.


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