Workshop: Mindful Leadership with Remington Cooney

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Living in a busy world, Remington Cooney sees meditation as a friend that offers him comfort through silence. A meditation teacher turned mindfulness coach, Remington is passionate about creating ways to integrate mindfulness into higher education and business in order to help people maintain productivity without mentally exhausting themselves.

Remington currently works at Stenden University in Bali as a mindfulness coach and module designer. He also runs his own business – The Dao of Now – that runs meditation evenings and mindfulness classes. He has trained formally in the lineage of Soto Zen Buddhism, and is now on a mission to discovering how traditional teachings in mindfulness can be integrated into the everyday aspects of our modern life.

In this latest workshop by Project Getaway, Remington will explain what mindfulness meditation is and the details of how it works. You will learn ways to integrate mindfulness into daily living and work life, and how practicing mindfulness can transform you into a more mindful leader.

We can’t wait to welcome him here at Project Getaway!

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